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What is Outgo's factoring rate?

Outgo's factoring rate is based on your monthly invoicing volume

When you apply to Outgo you'll be given a rate based on your monthly invoicing volume.

2.5% Factoring Rate for <$25,000 monthly invoicing volume
2.0% Factoring Rate for $25,000- $80,000 monthly invoicing volume
<2.0% Factoring Rate for $80,000+

You can lower your rate based on how you use the Outgo Platform.

Drop your factoring rate to 1.0% by
• 1.0% Factoring on purchases with the Outgo Card
• 1.0% Factoring when you wait till Day 30 to factor

Every quarter we will evaluate if the current tier is still applicable to your business.

Movement of tiers will never occur without an Outgo representative connecting with you for further discussion about your current max rate. We understand that businesses evolve over time; it's important to note that this assessment does not guarantee increase or decrease in your max rate. We are always willing to discuss business challenges and work together, as partners, to find the best solution.

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