Zero touch invoicing for your fleet

You don’t only deserve good rates, you deserve a 5 Star invoicing service.
Gain the process efficiencies, system integrations, and customization to sustain growth for your business.

Make the plan that’s best for your fleet

Flexible factoring
Factor only what you need, when you need it and lower your rate to 1.0% with every purchase on the Outgo Card.1
Advanced document management
Streamline your operations for optimal efficiency with secure document hosting. 
Automated invoice creation
We’ll create invoices using key data from your docs. No need to retype any details.
Streamlined Collections
We’ll handle your collections and broker payments so you don’t have to lift a finger.

We’ll take invoicing & collections off your plate

We sort and handle every invoice, factorable or not.
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Driver document automation
Your drivers can submit documents directly to us.
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Hands-free invoicing, so you can be input free
From line-item entry to account follow-ups, we work to get you paid.
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Time is money, we’ll get you funds fast
For eligible brokers – get funds same-day of submitting documents.
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Real-time visibility, you’re in control
View balances, access funds, pay employees – one platform does it all.
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Upgrade your factoring partnership

Your rates get better the longer you wait to factor, ensuring you a top rate. And get free factoring on Outgo Card1 purchases to save you even more.
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1.0% factoring when you wait till day 30
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1.0% factoring on Outgo Card1 Purchases
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Save up to thousands

Streamline your finances

Spend cards1
Make on-the-road payments a snap, with cards for your drivers.
Make your money move
Make ACH and Wire transfers on-the-go getting your money where it needs to be.
Centralize your finances
Operate your business from one simple, easy to use account - where income and expenses are together giving you better insights into your business.

Join fellow fleets who upgraded to Outgo

Join fellow fleets who upgraded to Outgo

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