Factor smarter and save with 1.0% rates

Savings are built into factoring platform - so you can save while factoring.

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Your ways to save

1.0% factoring on
Outgo Card1 Purchases

1.0% factoring when you wait

When you choose to factor, you're charged an industry-low factoring fee, but if you decide not to factor, at Day 30 your rate drops to 1%.

How it works

Funds are added to your spending power

Rather than automatically factoring all of your invoices immediately, your funds are available for you to spend on-demand.

The Outgo mobile app shows your spending power, which is the amount of funds you have available with factoring
Pay 1% when you use your Outgo debit card

Spend these funds on-demand 
how and when you want

Because factoring is on-demand, you’re not charged a fee until you choose to spend. This way you’re in control of how you factor so you can get the best rate.

Your max rate is determined by your monthly invoicing volume

What’s my max rate?

We pick the best invoice so you can save

When you make a transaction – we always assume you don’t want to factor and we always pick the best invoice to factor so you can unlock the most savings.

Invoices are automatically factored to save you money

Unlock savings based on how and when you factor

Factor on-demand from your factorable funds with your Outgo Card1 and your rate drops to 1%

Save money on factoring when you use the Outgo debit card
The rate you pay for factoring decreases each day to 1% after 30 days

The Outgo Card1 isn’t the only way to lower your rate to 1.0%

Wait till day 30 and your funds are automatically factored at 1.0%, guaranteed.


What Outgo Card1 transactions qualify for 1.0% factoring?
Any purchase with your Outgo Card.
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Drop your factoring rate to 1.0% on Outgo Card purchases and save on every purchase.

How easy is it to cancel my plan?
Our agreements are flexible. We don’t require annual contracts
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You may cancel our agreement at any time and we require a 10-day notice. To cancel, you’ll need to either buy out any invoices that we’ve processed on your behalf, or work with another factoring company to buy them out.

We will work with any factoring company to make your transition as easy as possible. We’ll even help you review your new contract with them. We’re always looking out for you, even if you decide to cancel your account with Outgo.

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Get the platform built so you factor less

With Outgo, factoring fees are charged when you spend – so you can save with every transaction.

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