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What do the status' draft, awaiting payment, and paid mean?

These are the status of the invoice.


These are invoices that have yet to be made factorable and sent to a broker. Typically this is because they don't have all of the required documents, or the documents are being processed to be sent shortly.

Awaiting payment

These are invoices that are unpaid and are awaiting payment from the broker. These may be factorable or not factorable invoices – you can use the filters to filter between the two. On an invoice you can see if it is factorable, how much you've spent of the factorable amount. The factorable amounts on your invoices add up to your Factorable Balance.


These are invoices that have been paid by the broker. If an invoice has been paid, it also means you've either factored the entire invoice, or received payment if it's not factorable.

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