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Rates and Fees

How does Outgo offer such low rates?

Our products are built with new technology that helps us save you money in places traditional factoring companies can’t. 

We automate invoice funding, ACH/Wire transfers, and invoice reconciliation. This allows us to offer our customers a dramatically cheaper rate than 3% per month.

We can delay factoring for you until they need access to funds, whereas a typical factoring company always enforces a 30-day minimum term. This enables us to offer rewards rates based on how and when you choose to factor instead of the 'monthly factoring rate' that is more common in the industry. This means you can save more with Outgo than with other factoring companies.

Your ways to save

  1. Make purchases with the Outgo Card and drop your rate to 1.0%
  2. Wait till Day 30 and your factoring rate on remaining factorable funds drops to 1.0%

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