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How do I lower my factoring rate to 1.0%

With Outgo you factor on-demand and based on how and when you factor you can drop your rate to 1.0%.

We've created an intelligent factorable balance that always assumes you want to save on factoring fees.

When you join Outgo, you'll have a Max Rate based on your monthly invoicing volume, but you can drop that Max Rate to 1.0%!

Drop your rate to 1.0% by:

  • Make purchases with the Outgo Card. When you make a purchase and that purchase needs your factorable balance to fund the transaction - your rate drops from your max rate to 1.0% on the amount that's factored
  • Wait till Day 30 and the amount that hasn't been factored yet will be factored for 1.0%. If you don't need the money immediately, we think you should save on factoring.

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