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How are factoring fees charged on-demand?

At Outgo, we don’t factor invoice by invoice. Instead, the value of all of your Unpaid Approve Invoices is available in your Factorable Balance

On your home page you'll have a Factorable Balance. This balance is the total amount of money that is factorable from your unpaid approved invoices.

When you spend money from your Outgo account, your Outgo account will always pay for that expense out of your Checking Balance. If your Checking balance equals zero then we'll automatically transfer money from your Factorable Balance to your Checking Balance to fund the transaction. That way you only factor when you really need to.

You can spend it on-demand with your Outgo Card or by transferring the money outside of your Outgo account. You're charged a factoring fee when you decide to spend and the expense requires part of your factorable balance to fund the transaction.

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