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Are there daily limits to deposits?

There are different limits set based on how you deposit money into your Checking account. We do not charge you any fees for making deposits.

  1. Direct Deposits - No limits
  2. Direct payments/ACH debits via ACH Origination Service
    Tier 1: $15,000 /day $100,000 /month
    Tier 2: $30,000 /day $150,000 /month
  3. Domestic wire - No limits
  4. Cash deposit at in-network ATM
  5. $1,000 /transaction $2,000 /day

We do not accept deposits by mail, paper check or foreign currency deposits: We are not liable for deposits of any kind that you mail to us, including if it is lost in transit, lost in the mail, or otherwise not received by us.

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