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Are there daily limits on withdrawals?

There are different limits set based on how you withdraw money from your Checking account.

  1. ACH transfers from your Account to a linked bank account at another institution & ACH transfers from your Account to another bank account via ACH Origination Services
    Tier 1: $15,000 /day $100,000 /month
    Tier 2: $30,000 /day $150,000 /month
  2. ACH transfer to a merchant or other third party you authorize to withdraw from your Account using your routing number and account number
    - No limits
  3. ATM withdrawals - $1,000 per day
  4. POS transactions and other transactions at merchants using your debit card - $5,000 per day

Currently you cannot withdraw funds by check, and we do not permit you to create checks drawn on your Checking account.

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