How does Outgo compare?

Factoring is outdated, we do so much more

Other companies
2-5% Fixed rate
2.5% or less based on your fleet size
Smart factoring
Reduce your rate to 1.0%
On purchases with the Outgo Card or when you wait till Day 30
On-demand factoring
Factor what you need, when you need it – at the lowest rate possible, guaranteed.
Outgo Debit Card1
Instant access to funds
Payout speeds
Same-day funding
Four hours or less
Flexible contracts
Lengthy contracts and cancellation fees
Minimum fees
No annual contracts or cancellation fees
No minimum fees
No reserves
Broker bankruptcy protections
No protections
Non-recourse so your business is protected
End-to-end invoicing
Only factorable invoices
Lengthy forms and inputs
Difficult-to-use apps
Automatic invoicing
One-step invoice creation
Invoice management
Broker management
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What Outgo Card1 transactions qualify for 1.0% factoring?
Any purchase with your Outgo Card.
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Drop your factoring rate to 1.0% on Outgo Card purchases and save on every purchase.

How fast can you factor?
25% of invoices get paid in 15 minutes.
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We review and process payments within 4 hours of invoice upload, 50% of invoices get paid in 90 minutes or less.

How do I qualify for 1.0% factoring on day 30?
All you have to do is wait!
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When you choose to factor, you're charged an industry-low factoring fee – your max rate, but if you decide not to factor, at Day 30 your rate drops to 1.0%.

What happens if my invoicing volume changes?
We review invoicing volume quarterly.
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Every quarter we will be evaluating if the current tier is still applicable to your business.

Movement of tiers will never occur without an Outgo representative connecting with you for further discussion about your current max rate. We understand that businesses evolve over time; it's important to note that this assessment does not guarantee increase or decrease in your max rate. We are always willing to discuss business challenges and work together, as partners, to find the best solution.

How easy is it to cancel my plan?
Our agreements are flexible. We don’t require annual contracts.
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You may cancel our agreement at any time and we require a 14-day notice. To cancel, you’ll need to either buy out any invoices that we’ve processed on your behalf, or work with another factoring company to buy them out.

We will work with any factoring company to make your transition as easy as possible. We’ll even help you review your new contract with them. We’re always looking out for you, even if you decide to cancel your account with Outgo.

Get the platform built so you factor less
With Outgo, factoring fees are charged when you spend – so you can save with every transaction.
Get fast funds
We review and process payments within 4 hours of invoice upload.
50% of invoices get paid in 90 minutes or less and half of those are paid within 15 minutes.
Four hours or less funding qualifications
Broker is approved for factoring
Documents are submitted before 3pm EST / 12pm PST
You’ve previously worked with this broker on the Outgo platform
If a rate verification is not required
Certain invoices require payment confirmation directly from the broker.
Within 2 business days
Approved brokers you haven’t worked with previously on the Outgo platform or if a rate verification is required.
If the broker isn’t approved or the invoice isn’t eligible for factoring, funds will be deposited in your Checking account when the invoice is paid by the broker.
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