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Our rates and fees

We help you keep the most of what you earn. Outgo is built so you factor less, get paid faster and invoice seamlessly.
Rates as low as 1.0%
We offer one of the lowest factoring rates in the industry with no hidden costs, guaranteed.
Save thousands with the Outgo Card
Outgo's debit card is the best way to save factoring. Access funds instantly and lower your factoring rate to 1.0% on every purchase.
Additional offerings
Per ACH Transfer
No Fees
Per Wire transfer
In-network ATM
No Fees
Out-of-network ATM
Domestic transaction fee
No Fees
International transaction fee
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Banking with Outgo
Your FDIC Insured business bank account is provided by our banking partner Blue Ridge Bank.
How much is insured?
Funds in this account are insured up to $250,000.
What does FDIC stand for?
FDIC Stands for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Get fast funds
Same-day funding qualifications
Broker is approved for factoring
Documents are submitted before 3pm EST / 12pm PST
You’ve previously worked with this broker on the Outgo platform
Within 2 business days
Approved brokers you haven’t worked with previously on the Outgo platform or if a rate verification is required.
If the broker isn’t approved or the invoice isn’t eligible for factoring, funds will be deposited in your Checking account when the invoice is paid by the broker.