Immersive tour of the Stadaconé Distillery for two people

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About the experience

The Stadaconé Distillery offers a unique immersive experience, entirely developed under the theme of the first encounters in North America. It reinvents the classic guided tour by incorporating an escape game, designed by A Double Tour, where you will be transported on a ship in the era of explorers. Then take your breath by discovering all the stages of the manufacture of artisanal spirits by a guided tour of the production area. Finish it all in a friendly way by tasting the house's three delightful gins: RED with cranberry accents, BLUE with boreal notes and BLACK with exotic flavour.

This experience offers

  • Escape Game (15 minutes)
  • Guided tour of the production space (15 minutes)
  • Tasting of the 3 gins of the Stadaconé Distillery: RED with cranberry accents, BLUE with boreal notes and BLACK with exotic flavour