Kayak & outdoor camp for children from 9 to 15 years

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About the experience

Kayak Côte-de-Beaupré guarantees you a good welcome, a pedagogical project that facilitates your progress, qualified and qualified coaching, adequate equipment for learning kayaking, a practice respectful of its environment and safety concepts associated with this sport. Regardless of your level of expertise or ambition, your instructor or coach will teach you the techniques you need to become an accomplished kayaker. You will find courses tailored to your needs.

This experience offers

  • Kayak and outdoor camp for a child aged 9 to 15 years
  • Duration 1 week from 9am to 4pm Monday to Thursday
  • Typical day: before noon, initiation to whitewater kayaking and in the afternoon, adventure camp (relaxation and outdoor activities)
  • Your child will learn all the techniques to become a freelance kayaker
  • Among the Adventure camp activities: Boogie board, swimming, catching crayfish, building plasticine kayak...
  • The program also helps educate young people about healthy lifestyles, the aquatic environment and safety rules
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  • Delivery of the kayaker passport to keep pace with the development of their skills

Fine prints

  • Reservation required
  • Here is a short list of what your child will learn: kayaking, boarding, desalting, recovery, river communication, circular propulsion, propulsion, backpropulsion, side call, thrust support, cottage control, steering and turn on thrust support, whitewater swimming, fast descent, etc.
  • Prerequisites: know how to swim, do not suffer from claustrophobia, be between 9 and 15 years of age
  • Possibility of adding a second child for $115