Gift boxes: the trendy and lifestyle boxes of the summer

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After flying over the best gourmet gift boxes and monthly subscriptions, it's now the turn of the best trendy and lifestyle sets!

Want to relax? Introducing yourself to a new way of life? Or just renew your style? Outgo has set itself the goal of bringing together the best options on the market. Whether it's for you or a loved one, we have the solution!

The Future is Bamboo: Box Zero Waste Introduction Kit

boite cadeau The Future is Bamboo: Kit d’introduction zéro déchet en boîte

Nowadays, almost everyone agrees that human beings must do more in order to preserve the environment. It is now possible to do this at a low cost with this zero-waste introduction kit produced by The future is Bamboo. No more disposable plastic!

The basic set includes a classic toothbrush and a charcoal whitening toothbrush as well as a pack of 6 bamboo straws and a cleaning brush. A pack of 100 bamboo cotton swabs is also included in this introduction kit. Starting at $17 for the basic set, there is no excuse for not being green!

Naturally Vain - Pure relaxation in a gift box

boite cadeau Naturally Vain - La détente à l’état pur dans une boite-cadeau

Imagine a good bubble bath, entirely natural, without any chemicals that can damage your skin. Then imagine a gift box with everything you need to make this perfect bubble bath all month long. Naturally Vain, a local company with our Ontario neighbours, produces these subscription gift boxes.

In addition to a set of bath essentials, you could also opt for the monthly set of 6 bath bombs available at $33 per month, including delivery! Naturally Vain is also vegan and free of animal cruelty; it is the relaxing experience that we offer ourselves in good conscience!

Gift box from L'Horloger: Jewels for all tastes

boite cadeau Boîte-cadeau de L’Horloger: Des bijoux pour tous les goûts

What better way to awaken the fashionista in you than a monthly box offering you the most beautifulcreations of Quebec jewelers? This is exactly what L'Horloger offers, a local company with the latest trends. Starting at $61 for a 3-month subscription for a classic box, get 1 to 3 jewels with a selected look and a card showing the craftsman who designed it all monthly.

Want to discover our props in the province even more? Choose the gift box: the Quebecer that contains more creations from here. It's THE best concept to make your loved one happy while encouraging the local economy!

Get Basic: Minimalist Man Gift Box

boite cadeau Boîte-cadeau de L’Horloger: Des bijoux pour tous les goûts

What to do with our old clothes? The eternal question! For the American company Get Basic, the answer is simple: destroy them! With Get Basic, you'll get a premium quality t-shirt, a pair of stockings and a pair of men's underwear every month.

No eclectic design or fla-fla here; simply the basis of men's fashion made with the best material. Starting at $16 per month, extra delivery, there's no reason to keep these old sweaters with holes!

Be Luxury: The essential of masculine chic as a gift

boite cadeau Be Luxury: L’indispensable du chic masculin en cadeau

It's not always easy to find quality men's style and care products at the local pharmacy. Add to these products the latest trends in men's fashion and you'll get Be Luxury, a local company offering a variety of gift boxes ideal for today's man!

The Be Luxury experience is a personalized set of the best body accessories and products available on the market. Ties, bow ties, pocket handkerchiefs and shaving products, cufflinks and stockings; you will finally find your must-have men's chic essentials.

No need for accessories, but only styling and care products to tame your mane? Instead, opt for the Captain Fawcette's Collection Set, which includes body soap, aftershave balm and shaving soap and foam bowl.

My bobettes: The monthly gift subscription that makes you happy

boite cadeau Mes bobettes: L’abonnement-cadeau mensuel qui rend heureux

Formed in 2010, the Mesbobettes team is committed to making men discover the benefits of wearing quality underwear while making life easier to buy them.

How does it work? You choose your cut, style, size and Mes Bobettes take care of the rest! For less than $20 a month, you will receive a pair of made-to-measure underwear every month! For you or your loved one, this is the perfect gift that is renewed throughout the year.

Want to try them before you subscribe? This exclusive pack Hook by Mes Bobettes is currently at 32% discount.

Tastebuds: More than a gourmet gift box

boite cadeau Tastebuds: Plus qu'une boîte-cadeau gourmande

Although we have presented Tastebuds in the gourmet gift boxes, we should not forget that they offer much more than just the ingredients!

In addition to these gift boxes filled with local flavours, Tastebuds mission is to inspire you to create meaningful moments and inspiring spaces while adopting a responsible lifestyle. These art de vivre sets offer unique cooking tools made in small batches by local craftsmen. The perfect blend of beautiful, good, sustainable and ecological!

And you? Do you intend to offer a gift box? Or maybe you deserve one yourself? Share it with us in comments!

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