Gift Boxes: The Greedy Boxes of Summer 2019

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It's not easy to find the right gift box for food enthusiasts! More and more choices are available to Quebec consumers: MissFresh, Good Food, Hello Fresh, etc.

To help you in your choice, Outgo has selected the best gift boxes in Quebec to offer under the theme of food. Whether they are daily or for special occasions, you will certainly find the perfect gift box for you!

Lunch boxes under subscriptions

boite-cadeau Les boîtes-repas sous abonnements

MissFresh is now a popular name in lunch box subscriptions. Cooking fresh and balanced meals has never been easier! With each MissFresh can, get 4 meals of 2 servings with the recipe to make at home. In addition, large boxes are also available for larger families. The discovery box, valued at more than $78, is on sale for $52.47 in order to introduce the MissFresh experience to a maximum of Quebecers.

GoodFoodis the number one ready-to-cook company in Canada. How does it work? You register on the site, indicate your food preferences, the gift box is delivered free of charge to your home and you are now ready to cook! In addition to these different options to customize your GoodFood experience, we offer a $30 discount to each new customer. The perfect opportunity to try the GoodFood experience at a low price!

The gift box for tea fanatics

boîte-cadeau pour les fanatiques de thés

T-Surpriseis four varieties of teas around a theme, a treat and a surprise box delivered directly to your home or at work. For the month of July, discover teas and infusions with fresh summer notes that will accompany you in your moments of relaxation. Available for just over $20 per month for a one-year subscription, T-Surprise Boxes are also an original gift to give to the tea-lover near you!

For those who wish to buy a cup before subscribing to the service, gift sets are available without a subscription directly on their website.

TasteBuds: Gastronomy and canned lifestyle

boites-cadeaux TasteBuds: Gastronomie et art de vivre en boîte

Tastebuds boutique is the culinary destination that offers you a selection of gourmet products and unique tools for cooking, made with care by local artisans. In addition to being environmentally friendly and promoting a responsible lifestyle, Tastebuds inspires you to live the best of food in the comfort of your home.

The gift box Tastebuds: Le Gourmet, offers you a perfect assortment to discover high quality local products. Foie gras mousse with muscat, boreal strong mustard with wild mushrooms, and artisanal jelly cranberries and lavender: There will be something for everyone!

Firebarns, the 100% Quebec spice!

boite-cadeau Firebarns, le piquant 100% québécois!

Inspired by Cajun cuisine in the southern United States, Firebarns is the quintessential brand of hot sauces produced in Quebec. When it was founded in 2015, Frank Ménard and Pierre-Olivier Drouin founded the company with the objective of democratizing hot sauce and demonstrating that you can enjoy different tastes and intensities without necessarily burning the palate! Today Firebarns produces a dozen different sauces, from the sweetest marinades to the Ghost Pepper Sauce for the bravest.

With this Firebarns Gift Set, you'll get a Rum & Chipotle Sauce, Tequila/Lime Sauce, Original Firebarns Sauce, Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Pepper Sauce and BBQ Sauce. A beautiful variety of sauces of various intensities, ideal for all tastes.

Gift boxes for special occasions...

boîtes-cadeaux des grandes occasions…

The Chef's box is a box signed by Chef Jérome Ferrer of the renowned Montreal restaurant Europea. Starting at $85, get 5 meals for 2 to 4 people, delivered throughout Quebec. And no need for subscriptions! The freshness of the vacuum-packed food will delight the toughest of the diners. In addition to offering gourmet dishes all year round, the Chef's Box also offers themed boxes for special occasions or for people who prefer the vegandiet.

The reception box, perfect when you receive the family on a visit, offers you a menu worthy of the biggest tables in Quebec. Lobster bisque and truffle puree, veal filet and fresh goat cheese crumble — that's the magic of Chef Jérome Ferrer in the comfort of your home.

The candy box is not the nutritious gift box you will recommend every week; it's the one for festive occasions! For $30, it's 1 kilogram of fresh, colorful and quality candythat you can offer to your family or colleagues. It remains only to choose your set! Are you more sure sweets, sweet sweets or mixed sweets?

And you? Have you changed the way you do groceries too? Which box did you know how to make your happiness? Share your best recipes and lunch boxes in comment!

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