3 animal shelters to discover this winter in Quebec

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One of the activities that often come out when you're looking for what to do with your family is visiting a zoo. Seeing the little ones marvel at the sight of a wild animal that he has seen only in a book or on television is certainly a great time to live as a family. While very fun and rewarding, there is an even more interesting and fundamental way to experience such an experience: visit a sanctuary or animal shelter in Quebec.

Sanctuaries and shelters save animals that cannot live in the wild and can only survive in captivity. In some of the best cases, when the animal has received some medical care, it can even be released into the wild, and this gives the right to a whole experience!

Today we offer you a list of 3 animal shelters in Quebec where the facilities are open to the public or by reservation.

A 5-star farm on the Upper North Shore

refuges animaux quebec Une ferme 5 étoiles sur la Haute-Côte-Nord

The 5-star farm is not a farm like any other. Since 2000, the company located in Sacré-Coeur on the Upper North Shore has also held a wildlife observation permit, which gives it a role as a refuge for wild animals found injured or orphaned in the wild. It is therefore possible to observe a beautiful animal diversity representative of Canadian wildlife in our nature parks.

Foxes, raccoons, moose, grey wolf, white-tailed deer, lynx, skunks, marmots and porcupine: Several forest animals are present. In addition, a mini farm offers you the possibility to caress pigs, baby goats and sheep who only ask for your attention.

On the site, several activities are offered year-round for the whole family. Whether you are more mountain biking or kayaking, there's plenty to do at the 5-star farm! And to extend your stay, you can even rent several types of accommodation, including a superb chalet with views of the Fjord, ready to camp and yurt. There is no reason not to stay here!

Refuge Lombadanaki: Protecting the land in Eastern Townships

refuge animaux quebec Refuge Lombadanaki: Protéger la terre en Estrie

The Lombadanaki Refuge, which means “protecting the land”, is the only centre for the rehabilitation and observation of wildlife in Quebec in the Eastern Townships. Their mission is to rehabilitate farm animals, birds of all kinds and wild animals of Quebec wildlife that have been injured or abandoned in order to relocate them to their natural environment or provide them with habitat in a healthy environment sensitive to their wilderness.

Located in St-Étienne-de-Bolton, the majority of animals and birds are free and their primary purpose is to raise awareness about the protection of fauna and flora and the coexistence of humans and animals. There are more than 160 species of animals such as raccoons, pigs, tortus and even alpacas.

Visit of the shelter with adapted and specialized programming for groups of young people or adults with specific problems or in social reintegration, educational conference workshop in schools, day camps, companies or even at home, group companies in team building, internship... for all groups of people and age for all occasions.

The establishment is even currently in a project tobuild tipi and tipees suspended among wild animals to take your experience even further, a project that is expected to be completed very soon. For all available activities, you must of course book as spaces are limited.

Refuge Pageau: Get to Know the Animals of Quebec in Amos

refuge animaux quebec Refuge Pageau: Apprenez à connaître les animaux du Québec à Amos

Refuge Pageau, located in Amos, welcomes wildlife in need with a view to rehabilitation and release them. When liberation is impossible, he offers long-term shelter for these animals, to which he owes the continuation of his mission.

Each year, nearly 300 wild animals are admitted and about 150 regain their freedom, areadded to the list of all permanent residents to whom the Refuge offers shelter, care and love. Canada Beaver, White-tailed Deer, Coyotes, Raven, Snow Owl, Otters, Lynx, Fox and more await you! Meet these residents and get to know a little more about the wildlife that inhabits Quebec's forests.

Whether on the North Shore, in the Eastern Townships or in Amos, in all corners of Quebec, shelters are established to the delight of those who care for the well-being and health of the region's wildlife. Of course, these organizations do not operate only with the little assistance provided by the Government, they need funding and donations to build additional facilities to accommodate more animals in distress, to build appropriate medical centres and to develop the site for the public. So we invite you to be generous!

Do you care about the cause? Tell us in comments!

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