Corpo Gifts: What to give as a gift to your employees

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In June 2019, Canada reached its lowest unemployment rate since 1976. In this context, it now seems essential for a company looking to grow to offer a number of hiring incentives in addition to placing a high emphasis on employee retention. To this end, corporate gifts are the perfect example of an employer's attention to its workforce. Be one of his valued employers by offering a gift that will show your gratitude!

With the help of these 3 suggestions of gourmet gifts Made-in-Quebec, spoil your team and emphasize their importance at a low price!

Riedel wine cups and decanter for the connoisseur employee

cadeau corporatif Coupes et décanteur à vin Riedel pour l'employé connaisseur

A wine decanter and a few cups are always a good gift idea for your employees for 2 simple reasons; it's always useful and few people think about getting them! A decanter or decanter is the ideal tool to release the tannins of your wine by aerating it. The thicker skinned grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Nebbiolo will thank you for their stay in carafe while it is not recommended for less tannic grape varieties such as Pinot Noir and Grenache wines.

When you opt for a recognized product like Riedel, you make sure you have a quality product that will surely be appreciated by the person who receives it. Established since the 17th century, Riedel is THE world leader in the field of wine cutting. Recognized by Oenophiles around the world, the brand is the right balance between quality and affordability.

In 2019, enjoy your wine in the right way and give a gift that your employees will really use with this Riedel Wine Cup and Decanter set.

Set of 100 Castelo coffee capsules for the employee in a hurry

cardeau corporatif Ensemble de 100 capsules de café Castelo pour l'employé pressé

Coffee! Unlovable in the hearts of many Quebecers, coffee is the favourite morning drink to wake your employees up smoothly. For a long time, the Tim Hortons Gift Card was the annoying employee gift par excellence. It is now possible to offer better and made in Quebec!

A roasting house established in Quebec since 1996, the Castelo Café is dedicated to the preparation and distribution of the best gourmet coffees. No more cold coffee in the office! The 100 Nespresso compatible Castelo coffee capsules set is the answer to the lack of quality coffee in the workplace. Compatible with Nespresso machines, Castelo capsules offer a range of freshly roasted coffees.

For a more complete gift set, opt for the gift basket selection of world coffees by Café Liégeois. The set contains 4 kg of coffees (!!!) of your choice, in grains or capsules, in addition to 6 cups of porcelain and an assortment of high quality chocolates.

Help your team by supporting their morning caffeine consumption, they will be greatly grateful!

Evive Smoothies Box for Health Employee

cadeau corporatif Boîte de Smoothies Evive pour l'employé santé

Start the day right at the office by offering your employees the Eve Smoothie Boxes! What is Eve? This is undoubtedly THE healthy solution for your mornings in a hurry! Each serving includes everything you need to make a complete, nourishing Eve smoothie in less than 30 seconds! Studies show this; occupational wellness and health programs help to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, facilitate employee retention and improve corporate image. And it could all start with a smoothie!

Also available on subscription, the Evive set contains 16 smoothies available in 7 different flavors! Whether it's a Viva smoothie with Pitaya, strawberry, banana and lemon or Asana with blueberries, bananas, cherries and acai berries, your employees will enjoy it.

In addition, the Evive can does not require a noisy and messy mixer. This is the perfect lunch for the office kitchen! As an individual gift or as a renewable subscription, your employees will be more than happy to enjoy an Eve smoothie to start the day.

If none of these offers seem to be the perfect option for your workplace, opt for an OutGo Gift Card and leave your employees the difficult choice of more than 1000 experiences offered by 250 partners directly on the platform.

And you? What would you like to receive as a corporate gift? Let us know your impressions in comments!

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